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Inside Costco at 20 Bridewell Place in Clifton NJ
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Amazing and such a caring doctor!

We were on a college tour with our two teenagers, and a younger daughter's eye got swollen overnight to a point that she couldn't open her eye in the morning and was crying from pain. Our hotel happened to be near Costco where Dr. Scaramia's office is, so we came there at 10 am with a hope to be seen a.s.a.p. He saw our daughter after his first scheduled patient and was so attentive and helpful. He explained the issue, prescribed the medications and asked to come back the next day for a check-up first thing in the morning. Next morning, he said that her eye got better and gave her a couple of contact lenses to wear. Now just four days later, we are back home and saw her regular eye doctor who confirmed that her eye is now completely healthy! We are so grateful to Dr. Scaramia!

- Olga G. - Yelp Review